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Before and After

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are when the teeth are crossing over each other and there is no room for the teeth to erupt in its proper place.

Before - Patient A
Before - Patient B
Before - Patient C
After - Patient A
After - Patient B
After - Patient C

Deep Bites

A deep bite is when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth.

Before - Patient D
After - Patient D

Cleft Palate

An opening in the roof of the mouth (the palate) due to a failure of the palate to fuse during embryonic development.

Patient A

Before Phase I - Patient A
Progress 1 - Patient A
Progress 2 - Patient A
Post final with temporary implant
Final with Permanent implant

Patient B

Before Phase I - Patient B
Start Phase II - Patient B
Progress Phase I
Progress 1

Phase I Treatment

The goal of early orthodontic treatment, also known as Phase I or interceptive orthodontics, is to guide the growth and development of the child’s jaw so that there is enough room for permanent teeth to come in straight.

Beginning Phase I - Patient A
Progress 1 Phase I - Patient A
End of Phase I - Patient A
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